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World Cup shows Westminster the winning way

With the Queen’s speech finally KOing the first heavyweight contest of the summer this week, the media – along with the rest of the country – has now turned their attention to a battle in which, unlike the politicians’ duel at the polling station, there must be an outright winner. The 19th FIFA Football World Cup is now just days away, and while television programmes, adverts, blogs and forums have been rife with messages such as “it’s coming home”, “the World awaits” and, ominously, “England expects”, the new UK Parliament has shuffled back to work almost un-noticed, but under a cloud of confusion. Team Clameron did not secure the level of support that the national football team is already indulging in, and the Government may want to take advice from Fabio’s boys if they want to make greater inroads into the national debt defence. Not that Capello’s cohorts should teach any politician about football itself – certainly if Tony Blair’s keepy-uppies were the best Team Labour could muster. Post the “premiership” of a certain GB, team GB is seeking a government prepared to act as a winning team united towards achieving the common goal pledged of “a new start for Britain” and not as a team already divided as the Labour party – and some national newspapers – are suggesting. Incidentally, whoever will ultimately be the winners and losers in South Africa, the online stadium has already opened its doors to a number of World Cup viral games, following Google’s runaway success with Pacman. Some of the best examples are below – but make sure you keep a close check on time whilst going for world domination – the real games kick off at 1pm most days!