Lansons Conversations

My Work Experience at Lansons

I have now completed two weeks of work experience at Lansons and have utterly enjoyed it.

I completed a week in October and was introduced to all the different departments at Lansons. I attended a Financial News breakfast meeting, was part of numerous brainstorm lunches and helped out Lansons Live.  At Lanson’s live, I assisted with helping to put together a video that presented a piece of Opinium research that had recently been done. It was more media focused as oppose to PR focused. I found it interesting as I was given an insight into another branch of the company that I was not fully aware off.

During my second week at Lansons, I was given a more consistent role, working on the same clients throughout the entire week.  I really got a feel for what a week as a junior executive at Lansons is like.

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What I have enjoyed

I find Lansons a down-to-earth company that wants to really invest and commit itself to the people that are part of the company.  For example, ‘The trolley’ (drinks and snacks where everyone gathers round) to reward people for promotions are just little ways of showing they care about their employee’s success.  After my time at Lansons, I believe that working in an environment where you feel nurtured by the firm is important and something that I will be aware of in future employment.

I really enjoyed feeling part of a team and helping junior executives such as  Alix with her workload and Megan, who I worked with previously in October. At this point I was working on the same clients and was starting to understand the client’s needs and requirements. 

Furthermore, I have enjoyed the fast paced atmosphere at Lansons and found it exhilarating as opposed to stressful, which was not what I was expecting of a PR company, which are often portrayed as the opposite.

What I have taken away

One of the key skills I learned from working at Lansons is how to apply the knowledge I gained from my degree in marketing to a real business. I was tasked with supplying feedback on TEMIT’s landing page. I found this very interesting and it boosted my confidence in myself as a marketing graduate as I felt I knew what I was talking about. I feel lucky that I have had the opportunity to apply my knowledge to a real client as first hand experience is invaluable.

Another task I was given over the week that I really enjoyed was media targeting. This was for Opinium’s World Ocean day in 2018. I was tasked with researching and then choosing journalists to target for the campaign pitch. I also helped with coverage reports for TEMIT, writing briefing notes on journalists, using Factiva and conducting a competitor analysis.

The Future

I have loved working at Lansons and feel that financial PR is an industry that I would really enjoy working in, as well as a medium-large sized agency. In the near future, I hope to gain experience in in-house PR, as I do not know the difference between agency and in-house PR. However, I have loved working at Lansons and hope that one day I can come back!

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