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My Lansons Work Experience: Amelie


Over the last week I have been helping with various tasks, learning about the multiple roles in PR and meeting many interesting people, but I am now sad to say that my work experience at Lansons has drawn to a close.

From coverage logging and writing briefing notes providing information on journalists for clients, to helping create an invitee list for an event and producing a planner of events and awards, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Lansons. I have also enjoyed working alongside Junior Executive Sophie, who has helped me with many things such a media cuttings booklet for the next trust report, and a media analysis of key themes in recent editions of the Times and the Telegraph.

 All projects I have helped with during my work experience have given me a real insight into what working life is like for somebody in PR. 

What I’ve Liked

Although everything I’ve participated in has been of great value and interest to me, a highlight of my week has been attending meetings that have given me a glimpse into the different parts of PR. Before I started my work experience placement I had no idea that there were so many routes you could go down that suit all interests, and after speaking to many people in different positions, it has given me more of an idea of the kind of roles that interest me within the industry. I have also enjoyed helping with events and invitees, as well as the Media analysis, as I like doing research in order to find out more about what I’m working on.

Everyone I have met at Lansons has been very welcoming to me, which has also been a reason why my work experience placement has been so successful.  I have also liked the fact that Lansons is a nice environment to work in, and that every employee is clearly valued.  This therefore, has made me hope that when I start my career in whatever industry, I will be able to work in the same sort of conditions.

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What I’ve Learnt

Work experience at Lansons has helped me greatly in two main ways. The first is that it has given me an extremely valuable insight into what I would like to do for my future career. I had always thought of PR as one of my options but I was never too sure about what it entailed. Doing work experience at Lansons has helped me develop a taste of what it is like to be working for a PR company, and thus makes reputation management a more viable option for my future career choice.

Secondly, I have also seen what working in an office is like, particularly in London as I have always wanted to work in the city.  Because I am still in school, being in an office like Lansons was an eye-opener for me, and has given me more confidence about beginning a career after I’ve finished my education.  I have also found that being with people who are six or more years older than me has been very informative, as I have been able to talk to them about what they studied at university to get them to the career they have, as this is all going to become very important to me in the coming year. 

I have loved doing work experience at Lansons, and am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to come here. It has given me a great insight into what I could potentially end up doing for my career, and I have learnt valuable skills that I can use throughout my life.