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Akira discusses her time at Lansons

The world of Public Relations is different to what I had expected but having spent time at Lansons and gaining an in-depth idea of procedures, I have come to greatly enjoy it. I found that I have been able to flourish in the tasks put ahead of me and would consider a future in the industry.

I had the great fortune of sitting on the same cluster of desks as the co-founder of the company, Clare Parsons. It is often procedure in the working world that teams sit together and those higher up the ladder are somewhat disconnected from their subordinates. The layout of the office allows people of all titles i.e. Junior Executives, Account Directors and CEOs to connect and come together for the betterment of the company. The combination of the office layout and the light breezy environment makes for a workspace one can easily be motivated to achieve in.

If there’s one thing Lansons knows, it’s how to cultivate a good company culture, managing to get the work life balance just right. During my two weeks there, I was part of email circulations that frequently highlighted the work achievements of my coworkers such as promotions and award nominations, as well as personal life achievements. As hard work is constantly rewarded and duly recognised by the management, its no wonder Lansons is such a pleasant place to work and knowing that your employer is so supportive of your personal achievements allows you to truly feel at home.

The complexities of the PR world are not lost on me, I know that during my brief stay, I barely scratched the surface of all the responsibilities Junior Executives have, let alone anyone senior. I was fortunate enough to be paired with a great work buddy, Kat, through whom I was been able to learn as much as possible about the role of Junior Executive while still having the freedom to explore the vast sectors of the business. After having spent two weeks working at Lansons, I look forward to finding out more about the world of PR.


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