Reputation Matters

Image by Ben Moore

The unique depth and breadth of our experience, as consultants and as an agency as a whole, sets us apart.

25 years of consistent growth and development, underpinned by industry-leading staff retention rates, mean that Lansons has a deep knowledge of corporate, consumer and B2B comms – whilst our policy of hiring only the very best consultants and consistently growing our network means our expertise in digital/social and content production is constantly developing.

With some of the most experienced and respected senior staff in their sectors, as diverse as technology, property and financial services, we deliver decisive advice, effective ideas and exceptional results.


Reputations are built by the powerful network of people around an organisation. At Lansons, we take a truly 360-degree approach to communications, using the expertise of the entire agency to inform our counsel to each client. At Lansons we will help you audit, map and prioritise your key influencers – employees, media, customers, stakeholders and beyond. We will give you a better understanding of where you are today and clear recommendations designed to break down barriers, change minds and impact your bottom line. The result is a clear roadmap for building stronger relationships with carefully selected networks, who have the power and the passion to take your reputation further.

Lansons also remains one of the most media proactive communications agencies and our client work speaks for itself – when it comes to results we deliver. Our strategy ensures that our clients are delighted with the results. Every single day Lansons clients are on TV, or in the media talking to consumers, peers or businesses. Reputation, credibility and awareness continue to be a key part of the work we do as communicators, but also recognising how that can actively support commercial goals for our clients. 

We orchestrate your communications by matching your goals with their needs and interests – delivering relevant communications that unite and persuade.

The result is a deeper understanding of the people that matter, as well as communications and campaigns that will stand up to scrutiny and stand out in a crowded technology and support services market.

Overall this relationship enables Lansons to extend its reputation beyond the traditional sphere of work Lansons predominantly focuses on and stretches staff and clients alike. Our offering builds on the great work we do; we believe Lansons adds extraordinary value to its clients because we bring unrivalled sector knowledge, exceptional experience and broader communications perspectives to the table. This means that our clients benefit from better insight, advice, ideas and results. Furthermore we have taken the decision that we can be more than consultants by being involved in the debates that matter, be it an ‘industry first’ conference or taking a stake in a financial website.


We offer senior counsel on a wide range of business issues, allowing us to approach consumer PR, financial PR and investor relations, no matter what stage in the organisation’s journey, from all angles.

Delivering excellence in media relations is at the heart of what we do. Lansons has consistently been voted no.1 for the last 17 years via an independent survey conducted by Ipsos MORI amongst financial services journalists.

Last year PR Week rated us a top 10 agency for dealing with corporate and business media.

It is the responsibility of all teams to make sure we’re on top of media developments and building relationships with relevant journalists.

We also have a media excellence group within the agency that regularly sets up meetings with our target journalists.

We are constantly on top of journalist moves within the industry and ensure this is communicated through to our clients – we regularly get advance notice before any other agency.

In addition we regularly have media ‘teach-ins’ within the agency – inviting senior journalists/editors to come in and up-skill us on their publication and the issues that they are focusing on.


Lansons does not believe in ‘one size fits all’ evaluation. Instead, we would design an evaluation system that works directly to what your organisation needs to achieve and in turn your KPIs as a department, team or individual.  Our programme KPIs should be aligned to support delivery that matters. 

Ultimately the goal is to have the right impact, so while we respect goals set around outputs, we encourage our teams to focus on the outcomes we can deliver.  These in turn provide more meaningful results for our clients.