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We help this sector because we understand manufacturing. We know about the restructuring of businesses as we have dealt with major change for global firms.


We also know that change can challenge stakeholders as diverse as trade unions, Governments and pressure groups because we have engaged with them on different continents.

And we know that the management in such manufacturing giants value those who can aid them to face such challenges, and protect their individual and corporate reputations. We have done this in the pharma sector, in energy, in packaged goods and packaging, and in chemicals.

Our consultants help the manufacturing sector confront and manage change. Our services cover strategic advice, change programmes, planning, crisis and issue management, stakeholder mapping and engagement, and internal and external communication.

Our experience spans decades, regions and major brands as the case studies below indicate.

For a discussion on how Lansons manufacturing consultants can help your business please contact:

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Director, Corporate Reputation
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Scott McKenzie
Director, Change and Employee Engagement
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  • Corporate reputation
  • Crisis communications
  • Local & national government relations
  • International government relations
  • Employee engagement
  • Labour relations
  • Media relations


Swiss-based manufacturing business

A Swiss-based manufacturing business briefed Lansons on a global restructuring project spanning 51 countries in April 2015. The project had some difficult messages with a 10% headcount reduction worldwide, the departure of the Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer, the relocation of the HQ, as well as changes to the organisational structure. It involved engaging senior stakeholders from the French State and across the political spectrum, along with a huge focus on the media – especially locally and regionally – at the turn of an election cycle in France. Lansons established a 24/7 press office to handle global media enquiries as a result.

Advising on the internal, external and customer communications, Lansons coordinated a multi-agency effort, selecting  and managing agency partners in key markets to support us: Allison & Partners in France, our Swiss gfcNet partner agency Farner and our Italian PROI partner, TTA. We worked closely with corporate and legal advisers to provide consolidated reputational advice, with special emphasis placed on mitigating labour relations issues.



World leading suppliers of equipment and technologies

One of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and technologies that turn solid waste and biomass into thermal energy, with their technologies incorporated in more than 500 production lines in more than 30 countries, came to Lansons to help them with two things, initially, as they developed their projects in a small number of UK sites: first to better understand how their project teams could build good and lasting relations with key stakeholders in those project areas; and second, to assist with a dialogue with employee representatives as the workforce for each project was assembled. 

On the former Lansons facilitated a UK project directors workshop to map, understand and prioritise stakeholders, begin the process of message development, and outline a programme of external and internal engagement for the UK sites in 2016.  On the latter part of communication with employee representatives, this is still ongoing and we are advising on the process and communications around this.