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Institutional financial services has long been pictured as an industry which lacks willingness to pro-actively and visibly engage with its stakeholders. This is no longer the case. Our clients come to us as they seek a wide range of investment sector expertise – ranging from corporate messaging & coaching, through investment management media and broadcast expertise, to financial regulatory and crisis communication capabilities – to help them facilitate better, more efficient, higher quality stakeholder communication.

With this in mind, we craft communications programmes that best suit our investment sector clients’ external, internal and financial needs. From the esoteric fund-launch idea to the large scale investment project, we consult clients on single product launches, cross-border campaigns, corporate brand positioning, digital brand and event management and everything else that affects their businesses.

We believe in differentiation and abolish broad-brush approaches. We believe in defining tangible deliverables and avoid scope creep. We believe in the gradual development of client relationships and ban short termism at the expense of long-term results.

And we do it all with passion!


  • Messaging, Coaching and Media training
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Product/fund launches and positioning
  • Fund raising media support
  • Issues management and crisis communication
  • Content Creation
  • Media relations and press office function
  • Event & Road Show Support
  • Awards Programs


Lansons' Spring Newsletter 2019

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Disrupting The Disruptors

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Whilst the future of insurance and digital insuretech in the UK is bright, we need to tread carefully when using the word 'disruptor' as Lisa Carr explains...     The UK insurance...
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ESG is the subject du jour in the investment world. But is it just a fad, or a lasting, game-changing phenomena that could potentially transform the investment industry? David Masters, Partner and...
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