We have extensive experience working across the following areas:

Consumer Finance

Lansons offering builds on the great work we do: we believe Lansons adds extraordinary value to its financial services clients because we bring unrivalled financial services sector knowledge, exceptional experience and an ability to reach consumers to the table. This means that our clients benefit from better insight, considers advice, ideas that work and great results (that deliver).
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Professional Services

Lansons’ Professional Services team offers decades of experience advising and helping businesses differentiate their propositions in a competitive market.
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Institutional Financial Services

Institutional financial services has long been pictured as an industry which lacks willingness to pro-actively and visibly engage with its stakeholders. This is no longer the case. Our clients come to us as they seek a wide range of investment sector expertise – ranging from corporate messaging & coaching, through investment management media and broadcast expertise, to financial regulatory and crisis communication capabilities – to help them facilitate better, more efficient, higher quality stakeholder communication.
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Public Sector

Lansons offers public sector clients a wholly integrated approach to their communication needs. Our consultants have expertise in public administration, relations with political institutions and the broader policy making community. As a consequence of this we are able to help our clients to analyse policy developments, understand how their organisations relate to foregoing policy trends and develop communication programmes that resonate with their key stakeholders.
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There is significant change taking place in the Healthcare industry with the Coalition Government’s changes to the structure of the NHS, as well as the significant shift in operating models at the Big Pharma companies.
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Trade Bodies / Member Associations

It’s a fine balancing act when working for a membership organisation or trade body. Creating a cohesive narrative which enables you to engage productively on behalf of your members is important. However we also recognise that members often have different agendas and are all at different stages of a journey with you in the middle, trying to bring it all together. We get that. And we can help.
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The world doesn't need more empty buzzwords and labour arbitrage. It needs more meaningful stories and clear USPs. At Lansons, we don’t just understand and follow trends – we’re well versed in technological history.
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Our experience in the transport space spans work with transport hubs, individual companies and government departments. Lansons has been working with UK airports, ports and other hub operators on public policy and regulatory monitoring and engagement programmes, as well as executing media campaigns around announcements and issues.
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We help this sector because we understand manufacturing. We know about the restructuring of businesses as we have dealt with major change for global firms.
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Understanding buyer behaviour has never been more critical and building the right experiences to encourage returning clients is the goal for many businesses today, including the B2B providers. Our work with this sector has allowed us to see no only the sharp end with the online buyer scrutinising reviews and prices, the endless battle with cart abandonment as well as providing services which take account of the cyclical nature of retail and fighting for shelf space and prominence in European wholesalers.
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