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At Lansons, we believe that public affairs isn’t just a service which we offer to clients – it informs every aspect of the work we undertake, and our understanding of the political and legislative landscape is key in delivering top-class communications.

Whilst we of course offer core services – political analysis and monitoring, campaign management and development, and strategic counsel based on a detailed understanding of the parliamentary process in the UK, devolved administrations, EU and key global markets – we see public affairs as underpinning our work across all clients. We deliver high-quality advice based on rigorous insight, within the context of the wider business environment. 

Our experience means we understand that regulated industries require deep knowledge, and that the political landscape determines a company or organisation’s ability to communicate not only to parliamentarians and mandarins, but to media and consumers as well. We know that high-level political communications is about speaking to the few, rather than to the many – our expertise lies in knowing who those few are, and how best to reach them to achieve your communications goals.


  • Political Intelligence
  • Perceptions & Issues Audits
  • Campaigning & Coalition-Building
  • Government & Stakeholder Relations
  • Corporate Thought Leadership
  • Public Policy Research
  • Crisis & Reputation Management
  • Competition Issues
  • Legislative Lobbying
  • Select Committee Workshops
  • Political PR
  • Regulatory Insight & Foresight
  • Handling Engagements with the FCA
  • Governance
  • Regulatory Risk management

With over 40 years’ combined expertise of working within politics and business, including hands-
on experience of Westminster and Whitehall, the Lansons team can deliver real value and business-
changing insights, helping you know who to talk to, what to listen to, and what really matters for your organisation. We also understand the importance of delivering measurable results – our work is first and foremost about creating real benefit for our clients, and working with them to change stakeholder perception or the legislative environment.

We have expertise handling public policy issues in the following sectors:

Financial services | Legal Services | Property | Transport | Energy | Public sector procurement | Defence Education | Culture, media and sport | Health and life sciences | Mining and natural resources

Lansons is registered with the Office of the Registrar for Consultant Lobbyists (ORCL) for its public affairs activities, of which full details can be found on their website.  Lansons is also a member of and registered with the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC) and abides by its code of conduct. In addition, Lansons is a member of the PRCA and is on their register for these activities too, and abides by its code of conduct.APPC logo


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"There’s only one direction. One world, one nation, yeah one vision".  Unwittingly or not the Chancellor today has echoed the key phrases from Queen’s anthem of the 1980’s with a yet again...
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