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Lansons understands that crises require preparation – whilst you can’t anticipate every eventuality, our crisis management services ensure that, should a crisis arise, you are in the best place to minimise its impact on your organisation or the people around you.

We have extensive experience of issues and crisis management across all our core sectors and business areas, and are practiced in delivering robust, timely and strategic counsel to ensure your business is well-equipped to deal with whatever may arise. From messaging, crisis preparedness training and internal communications to the development of full-scale social media crisis protocols, our multi-sectoral breadth of experience and perspective ensures we deliver comprehensive advice and hands-on assistance to see you through any issues your business may encounter.

Don’t just take our word for it, though – in 2015 Lansons was awarded a Corporate & Financial award for our Issues & Crisis work for Co-Op Bank.

“We help clients to predict and plan for issues that could influence their reputation or market share and work with them to manage, engage with, or lead the debate surrounding that issue”.
Tony Langham, Co Founder and CEO


  • Risk Mitigation and Preparation
    • Understanding / Insight
    • Issue Definition / Articulation
    • Issue Analysis / Threat Assessment
  • Issues and Crisis Management
    • Planning / Problem-solving
    • Asset Creation
    • Implementation
  • De-escalation and Recovery


Lansons wins at the 2015 Corporate & Financial Awards

8 July 2015 BY Lansons
Lansons last night won three awards at the 2015 Corporate & Financial Awards, presented by Communicate Magazine. The agency was awarded for its work with the Co-Op Bank and for its overall...
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Reputation Matters

5 November 2014 BY Tony Langham
Reputation Matters In 2012 Richard Branson said that “your reputation is everything, you’ve got to fight to protect it”. This approach to business has made Virgin one of the most admired brands...
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Can the new TSB save banking?

5 September 2013 BY Scott McKenzie
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