Lansons content marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing enables brands to reach, engage and influence audiences via the channels where they are.  It is an essential part of managing reputations and integral to the promotion of brand, product, idea or service.

Words, pictures, film, social posts, live experiences… whatever the format, content marketing is central to effective communications because it connects a business with its audience and brings information to life. 

Our approach to content marketing is audience-centric.  We take time getting to know the people we want to reach – what they think, the content they like, the people they listen to, the channels they use – because that is the only way we can expect to earn their attention, engage them in their busy lives, and influence the way they think, feel and act. 

Insight is at the heart of all our content strategies; inspiring the big idea, the creative execution and critically, the channels we use to publish our content.

Then, with a bespoke, multi-channel strategy in place, we create purposeful, relevant and distinctive content from within our in-house Content Studio. From graphic design and film production to speech-writing, we develop original, stand-out, channel-appropriate content that is designed to influence behaviour and positively impact reputation.

Then we watch how people respond; testing, learning and adapting our content to ensure the relationship remains a rewarding experience on both sides; deepening understanding, shifting perceptions and driving loyalty.