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Gender Pay Gap reporting

The Government’s March/April deadline for publishing gender pay data is looming. It’s a significant reputational risk many companies can’t afford to ignore.

At Lansons, we’re working with companies to help turn that risk into an opportunity.

Working together, we can help you

We can help review your gender pay gap communications strategy, by helping you build your narrative to help equip your senior leaders and marketing communications teams to articulate your position on your results, and what you plan to do about it.



Provide Context helping you to explain your data.

Understand the cause explaining the underlying factors that have contributed to your gender pay gap.

Articulate your plan how you are improving gender equality across your business.

Create a narrative being clear on the story you want to tell to support your approach.

Prepare your spokespeople helping your leaders, managers and customer facing colleagues be clear on the data, the narrative and how to respond to likely questions.

Plan your communications making sure you’re clear on how you will first talk about this with employees, before you publish your results externally.


Jennifer Liston Smith, Director, head of coaching and consultancy of My Family Care

Alan Moore, Global Compensation and Benefits leader

Ann Francke,CEO, Chartered Management Institute 

Ed Bowyer, employment partner at leading law firm Hogan Lovells

Lara Warbuton, UK diversity and inclusion manager at Rolls-Royce

Naomi Goodman, Associate Director, Change and Employee Management, Lansons

Nina Hamilton, partner at The Omerta GroupPartner responsible for Business Development and Client Strategy globally, The Omerta Group


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