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Engaging employees not only makes good economic sense, it’s also the right thing to do. Experience tells us that genuinely engaged employees are more productive, more innovative and more committed.

We have managed complex and high profile change and employee engagement communications programmes for some of the world’s best-known organisations. We have significant experience managing the sensitivities around re-organisations, redundancy programmes and post-merger integrations.

We work with you to reduce the complexity of these programmes, so that employees and stakeholders can get to grips with what the changes actually mean for them.

We believe in using research methods to really listen to your people, generating genuine insight, and then acting on it. This helps build credible and compelling conversations. Conversations which matter. Conversations which have value.

The practice brings together a great team with diverse skills and experience. We are creative, pragmatic problem-solvers who thrive on developing big ideas which work in practice.


  • Strategic communications consultancy
  • Change management and communications
  • Issues management
  • Leadership communications, coaching and counsel
  • Hands-on content development and delivery
  • Research and measurement
  • Channel management, events and digital production
  • Training and facilitation
  • Corporate storytelling and messaging


How to influence people with "neurocomms"

5 April 2018 BY Suzanne Ellis
neuroscience secrets for persuasive communications According to a quick Google search, ‘persuasion’ is a form of social influence and often refers to an active attempt to change a person's...
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Change you can believe in (and implement)

24 February 2015 BY Scott McKenzie
“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road”  Stephen Hawking The upturn in the global economy over...
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From Mountains and Meditation to Managing Change

16 May 2018 BY Naomi Goodman
In 2012 I’d had enough. Enough of work, enough of London, enough of stressful relationships. Enough, enough, enough. So I packed up, switched off and headed to Asia. The next few months were...
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Is workplace happiness an unalienable right?

8 May 2014 BY Scott McKenzie
Thomas Jefferson believed the pursuit of happiness was an unalienable right. I believe that too – although I have always understood happiness to be a very personal state. What then of the concept of...
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