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Reputation is one of your most valued assets. Promoting, protecting and maintaining reputations is at the very heart of our corporate work.
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Crisis & Issue Management

Lansons understands that crises require preparation – whilst you can’t anticipate every eventuality, we can help ensure that, should a crisis arise, you are in the best place to minimise its impact on your business and the people you need to work with.
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Change & Employee Engagement

Engaging employees not only makes good economic sense, it’s also the right thing to do. Experience tells us that genuinely engaged employees are more productive, more innovative and more committed.
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Digital & Social Media

Social media affords companies and institutions the ability to enter into dialogue with stakeholders with unparalleled immediacy; to proffer opinions, insight and information which can affect decisions and outcomes in near-realtime; to augment existing communications infrastructure; and to defuse and manage issues at source and with directness.
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Financial Communications

Our offering is built on longstanding experience dealing with business journalists and analysts. From listings, to de-listing, mergers and acquisitions to boardroom changes and crisis management, Lansons has advised a variety of FTSE listed companies as well as a number of those making the transition from a privately owned business.
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B2B Communications

Since 1989, Lansons has worked with clients to reach their chosen business audiences from CEOs, CTOs, CIOs to IT and Marketing Directors. We build strategies and tactics to align with the key stages of the B2B sales process from awareness, through consideration to conversion.
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Consumer Communications

Engaging consumers is tougher than ever before. We are communicating in an era of information overload, contributing to an unprecedented fall in trust and an ever-increasing resistance to marketing and business communications.
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Broadcast PR & Content Creation

At Lansons Live we help translate the advice and ideas developed by your Lansons team into high-quality results across broadcast media. Whether preparing a CEO for a Newsnight appearance, or developing video to target your core audiences across the web, our team of experienced ex-journalist professionals can deliver.
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In a business environment which is increasingly global, companies and organisations need to be able to communicate with stakeholders around the world.
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Public & Regulatory Affairs

At Lansons, we believe that public affairs isn’t just a service which we offer to clients – it informs every aspect of the work we undertake, and our understanding of the political and legislative landscape affecting is key in delivering top-class communications.
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