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About the Masterclass

We are delighted to announce that after the success of our first two masterclasses, we are holding a third masterclass this year, on Sep 11 2018.

The focus of this masterclass will be ‘How to Persuade and Influence People’ and will be led by Dr. Helena Boschi, a psychologist specialising in applied neuroscience in the workplace and author of best-seller, Why We Do What We Do, and Suzanne Ellis, Director in Change and Engagement at Lansons. Full details of the masterclass to be released in August.

Our masterclasses are limited in availability and have had previous attendees from Hiscox, BNY Mellon, ABB, GSK, Virgin Media and Givaudan, all tackling their own individual challenges in their organisations.

Learning how to persuade and influence people has never been more critical in such a fast paced working environment, where decisions need to be made quickly and stakeholders are pushed for time.


Date: Tuesday 11 September 2018

Time: 8.15am for 8.30 start. The masterclass will conclude by 5.30pm

Venue: Lansons, 24a St John Street, London, EC1M 4AY


Register now to take advantage of our Early-Bird rate of £599 which is only available until August 15 2018, where the price will increase to £799. Email


About Dr. Helena Boschi and Suzanne Ellis

Helena Boschi

Helena Boschi is a psychologist who focuses on applied neuroscience in the work place.  Her particular areas of interest include the brain and behaviour, our emotional and rational neural networks and how to improve our cognitive abilities in order to get the best out of our own and others’ brainpower.

Helena has held senior talent management and organisation development positions within international companies and now works across a range of industries worldwide. Her work with her clients involves designing new and creative learning initiatives, particularly in the areas of leadership and team development, intercultural communication and organisational change.

With a deep commitment to ongoing research in psychology, neuroscience and behaviour, Helena possesses keen insight into best and evolving practices in learning, communication and leadership.  A member of the British Psychological Society, she brings a scientific edge to the work she delivers, delivered in a way that is easy to understand and apply. 


Suzanne Ellis is a Director at Lansons specialising in Change and Engagement. She brings over two decades of communications experience representing brands such as eBay, Starwood Hotel Group, Givaudan, Bentley, Faberge, Simplyhealth and Thomson Reuters.

She advises businesses every day on how to communicate to their audiences, externally and internally, so that they think and act differently: changing perceptions; managing sensitivities around re-organisations, redundancy programmes or post-merger integrations; building leadership or brand reputations and; increasing engagement behind business strategies so they get delivered.

Whatever the communications and engagement challenges, Suzanne creatively finds solutions that support specific business goals and brand values.