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In the New Year, we are all inclined to make ‘resolutions’ of some kind or another. The majority, without fail, fail. Why? Because that is not how our brains work.

However, it is possible to re-train your brain to work to your advantage, but to do so, you need to understand the ‘wellbeing of the brain’. This is not Mindfulness, but what exercise, diet and sleep patterns you should be adapting to have a healthy and malleable brain.

Drawing on research from her book, Why We Do What We Do, Dr. Helena Boschi will talk you through how sleep affects all aspects of your brain, your memory formations, functionality and nerve health. She will discuss the types of food that are the most beneficial to your brain, and which are harming it long term, as well as what types of exercise will improve your cognitive abilities tenfold. In one evening, you will be able to understand the changes you need to make to fully keep those resolutions and re-train your brain to be a better, healthier brain that will help you have a better memory, be more creative, have more advanced communication skills and sleep better.

On the 15th of January, Dr. Helena Boschi, renowned neuroscientist and author of Why We Do What We Do, will be giving a talk on the above at Lansons at 6.30pm. 

If you are interested in genuinely changing your habits to have a better memory, language skills, attention span and become more creative in 2019, register your interest by emailing Rachel at