We recognise that we can all benefit from others’ perspectives. At Lansons, we believe that by looking at a challenge from different angles and through different eyes we can deliver the very best advice, ideas and results. This doesn’t stop at our door – we have built strong, long-term partnerships, rooted in shared goals, with market-leading experts in research, insight, production and communications across the globe, to help deliver the breadth and depth of high-quality service which our clients expect.


Opinium Research is a leading market research and insight agency based in London, operating across multiple geographies. They help organisations get to grips with the world in which their brand operates, by ensuring they develop the right approach, methodology and questions to deliver robust insight, targeted recommendations, and address specific business challenges.

They work with organisations to define and resolve commercial issues, using insight from customers (consumers or corporates) and the market to help them make accurate and strategic business decisions. Additionally their PR & Communications team work closely with clients to generate compelling research findings to support their campaigns from beginning to end.


Hope&Glory is a consumer brand PR consultancy that helps organisations to connect with consumers through the media that influences them most. Pitching stories to the media, creating splashes the consumer will see and be influenced by is part of their DNA – they don’t believe in endless rumination, and think that the best way to test an idea or a story is to run it past a journalist and see how they can make it fly.

All of that means that they come up with award-winning creative platforms that are on-brand, and ideas that cut-through and deliver coverage. At heart, though, they’re brand publicists. They started the agency with a belief that, while it isn’t dead, the art and craft of getting coverage and delivering branded, messaged reach has taken a knock in recent years.

So they know their media inside out, foster great contacts and come up with stories which they know media will like because they talk to them about them day in, day out.

At the same time, they’re an agency that is young enough to have social and digital skills at its heart. They haven’t had to reinvent themselves around a brand’s need to engage their consumers. That means that the team are all social-media literate and know how to get people talking.

The agency team has worked on brands that span retail, entertainment, travel & leisure, sports, consumer technology & telecoms, FMCG and drinks.

Reputation Institute

Reputation Institute is the world’s leading research and advisory firm for reputation, providing senior communications and marketing executives at global companies the single-best way to measure, communicate and manage reputation performance. With this insight, companies can protect their reputations, analyse risks and drive competitive advantage. The business serves clients in more than 400 of the top Global 1,000 companies.

The Reputation Institute’s RepTrak®  is the gold standard for reputation measurement, providing a one-of-a-kind measurement of how the public views the world’s best-known companies.

RepTrak® measurement enables companies to measure and track general public and multi-stakeholder perceptions, with the frequency and breadth they choose. They can use this knowledge to better manage their reputation by understanding its effects on stakeholder behaviours. Custom reputation management and benchmarking programmes for companies can include company benchmarking, specific industry/ market/ stakeholder insights, brand and CSR assessment and alignment and quarterly reports and company workshops.


In our international programmes we work hard to ensure that our advice and ideas are perfect not only for head offices but for each local market as well as the audience we need to reach.

Our global network allows our clients to have a single touchpoint but the reach of many, helping clients communicate one-to-one and one-to-many, building reputations and shaping opinions. Customised programmes combine geographical and business practice expertise and a broad range of services to support clients whose needs stretch across borders and continents.

Ensuring our partners across the world match our belief in strategic advice, stellar ideas and tangible results is vital. We are proud to be part of the PROI, the world’s largest network of independent PR agencies, as well as the Global Communication Partners. These strategic partners give Lansons the ability to execute programmes in over 90 cities and 29 countries.


A website publishing news and information about personal and household finances. The team of journalists help their readers to cut through to the volume of information to reach the details they want to understand more about.

Building from our original client base, watching at close quarters the changing nature of publishing and understanding through everything we do that compelling content is critical we supported the launch of Mindful Money in 2012.  

Content Marketing Association

The Content Marketing Association (CMA) is the industry association for marketing, publishing, advertising and social agencies with the aim of promoting the use of content as an essential marketing tool.  Lansons became the first PR consultancy to join the CMA in April 2018 as part of our commitment to continue redefining reputation management through the use of multi-channel strategies that engage audiences where they are through purposeful, relevant and original content. 

The CMA gives us access to a line-up of specialist speakers, offering professional development opportunities for our team.  Their insight also pushes us to explore new ways in which we can shape, build and protect our clients’ reputations with the audiences that matter.