When we set up in business in 1989, the modern UK PR industry was less than 20 years old. PR advice was largely unfettered, and our business focused on broad reputation management advice alongside media relations. In the 1990s, the marketing services industry mushroomed but also became more specialised and siloed. As client structures became more specialised, consultancies including us, matched them. The internet and the democratisation of communication has smashed these silos and there’s more change still to come. We’ve changed our business to help our clients take advantage of these developments.

We’re born problem solvers who can think on our feet and lead from the front. We believe creativity and imagination are a crucial part of building strong narratives, and we’re proud of our skill in attacking problems from unexpected angles. We are risk takers, but our risks are calculated and rooted in unrivalled experience. Our ideas are proven – and so is our ability to get things done quickly and innovatively. We take responsibility for our actions, inject creativity where relevant, and display our speed and responsiveness in the quick pace of our communications.

We are proud of our abilities, and motivated by making a difference to our clients. For nearly 30 years, we have had confidence in our ability to make a difference, and we remain motivated to make sure our clients achieve their goals. After all, their business is our business. We have stayed true to our beliefs and values, while remaining focused and delivering valuable business results. Best of all, we’ve proven our ability to last, to evolve and to be second to none.

– Tony Langham and Clare Parsons, co-founders