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What is work experience like at Lansons?

University of Southampton student Helen Archer is studying a BA English Literature and recently undertook work experience for one week at Lansons. She shares her exciting experience below.

Starting my week long work experience placement at Lansons, I was really unsure of what to expect. I have been interested in PR throughout my time at university and was keen to learn more about the industry in a practical way. So what is work experience like at Lansons?

The answer is simple. Busy. Really busy. But this is exactly what to expect from working in PR. My experience may have been busy but it wasn’t uninteresting. Lansons is brilliant at tailoring your time to your interests. A month before I started I was invited to an informal meeting to discuss what areas of PR I was most interested in so that my schedule for my time at Lansons was filled with activities related to those interests. For someone like me who wanted to try everything and anything, that meant that my week was packed full of activities, trying out all the specialisms Lansons has to offer.

My main task was research; researching MPs for the Public Affairs team, identifying up-and-coming industry events for clients to comment on and analysing client competitors’ social media accounts. Whatever my task was, research was key.

Writing reports was also a daily activity. Writing up my research findings and doing weekly news round-ups for clients meant I learnt how to analyse data and ensure reports reflected the most important angle to the client.

I was also invited to lots of one-to-one talks and presentations with members of staff across Lansons’ different areas of expertise which offered great insights into the daily responsibilities and activities of each role and helped me to form an understanding of what a future career in PR would look like.

My opinion of PR has been completely shaped by my week with Lansons. It’s exciting, it’s fast paced and it’s really hard work. I have learnt that a career in communications takes ambition and a lot of motivation to succeed. This week has proven to me just how enthusiastic about the industry, particularly the digital and marketing side of it, I am. My week at Lansons has been great and looking to the future I can certainly see myself working in PR.

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