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What do British employees think about their workplace?

On 23 July Lansons will be launching our study of the contemporary UK workplace – entitled Britain at Work. Our study of over 2,000 UK employees explores elements such as pride in the organisation, job satisfaction, line management effectiveness, working environment and career development.

I will leave it until the official launch to discuss the findings but wanted to explain a little bit about why we commissioned this study in the first place.

We believe it is timely. The UK has now emerged from the financial crisis and the economy is returning to growth. Unemployment has also been steadily falling for the last few years, all of which is positive.

And yet we are also hearing ongoing commentary about the UK’s productivity gap and through the recession we have also seen a significant increase in workplace stress.

We are hearing about concerns about the lack of investment in skills and training, and yet we are also seeing greater focus on employee engagement programmes.

This of course, gives a contrasting picture of what might be happening in the UK workplace. At Lansons we felt we needed to gather more insight on how UK workers felt about these (and many other) issues.

I think at this point it’s important to say we believe many of the topics we have asked UK workers about are relevant to other markets too. We are an international business and are keen to contrast what we’ve learned with other countries – possibly a focus for future research?

The Britain at Work study is split into a number of topic areas, including:

– Ethos and pride
– Loyalty and satisfaction
– Recognition and reward
– Job security
– Leadership and management
– Career development
– Communication
– Working environment
– Health and wellbeing

We do not claim that the study covers every aspect of the UK workplace but we hope it covers some of the main areas which concern employees and their employers. Our hope is that the insights contained within this study will spark a wider debate about how the workplace can improve.

In that vein I’m delighted to say that at our launch event I will be joined on a panel by some great speakers, including:

– Professor Sir Cary Cooper
– Charles Cotton, Performance and Reward Adviser, CIPD
– Neil Carberry, Director, Employment and Skills, CBI
– Charles Fair, Head of Consultancy, Great Place to Work Institute® UK

They are all well-known commentators and/or representatives of institutions which have a keen interest in the UK workplace. I look forward to hearing their perspectives and helping to move the discussion forward about how we improve the UK workplace for the benefit of all.


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