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Videos worth watching this week

Everyone deserves a little distraction during their day, and my two favourite distraction points this week came from watching a couple of viral videos. Shark Attack in Amsterdam Canal With a headline like that it’s bound to grab the attention of any regular city mini-breaker or fin-fearing urbanite. Despite its B-movie-esque tension and comical acting Paris Hilton would be proud of, the clever little product placement will surely make you smile and stop the Jaws theme tune ringing in your ears. Canada Tourism Commission The team over at CTC have come up with an ingenious way of marketing Canada to Americans – by getting visitors to tell the story for them. Now, I’m not talking over-paid actors, Governors or sports stars appearing in saccharine TV ads, but real people travelling or staying in Canada. The neat thing about this, was it was done in real-time simultaneously across Chicago, New York and Los Angeles mixing-up social-media and experiential marketing tactics. Check this video of the CTC’s interactive Twitter murals, where thousands of passers-by got to interact first-hand with the experiences and tales of those travelling to Canada. Whilst I’m sure there hasn’t been an immediate surge in flights to Toronto, people won’t be forgetting an interactive Twitter wall anytime soon.