Trust and Transparency in 2021: the way forward for financial services brands

This morning MoneySavingExpert’s Deputy Editor, Guy Anker, took the time to talk to Lansons Lisa Carr about key issues around trust and transparency in financial services for this year and looking ahead.

Guy spoke on how busy MSE have been in helping their readers through the pandemic, the importance of providing their readers with all the information they need and how MSE’s motto “Cutting your costs and fighting your corner” is really being put to the test during this time. Naturally, Guy discussed how Covid-19 has impacted consumer behaviours as well as giving his opinion on:

  • Whether price or how firms behave is the biggest driver for consumers pre Covid-19
  • How consumers engagement with finances has changed in accordance with the pandemic
  • The rising role technology plays in helping customers have a level of functional trust
  • How trust and transparency, now more than ever, is a big part in building a brand and crucially customer retention

Guy also praised the financial services industry and its team of media experts as having some of the best skilled PRs, commentators and advisers he has come across.  It was interesting to hear his view that perhaps the FS industry has faired better than the travel insurance industry as it has learned from the reputational issues suffered as a result of the 2008 crisis.

A great event, thank you Guy!

You can watch the full webinar by clicking here.