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The rise of people powered health – another revolution ahead?

The UK government is clear on where the priorities lay ahead in delivering the next five years of their plan for health: keeping people out of hospital, getting better at preventing disease, diagnosing earlier, rewarding healthy lifestyles, and keeping fewer people with long term chronic conditions in expensive hospitals.

How are we going to achieve this?  And what role should the public play in this?  Lansons Health and Opinium Research have come together with our health innovation survey to ask the general public what they want from healthcare and how technological innovation can help meet their expectations that are rapidly evolving in line with developments in other aspects of their lives, such as financial services, banking, shopping and leisure.

Our findings are revealing – while ownership of wearable devices is still relatively small this figure will double in the next 12 months. The general public are clear they want the NHS to drive innovation and trust them to do so. It is clear that the emergence of advanced digital technologies and the widespread use of smartphones opens up unprecedented opportunities for treatment and prevention, yet there is still a huge gap in understanding what the potential benefits are to using this technology, particularly in groups who need it the most. Our findings show interesting patterns in how engaged citizens see the risks versus benefits in sharing their data between themselves, with their doctors, the NHS in general and with commercial organisations –  insight which healthcare providers and technology innovators can draw from to design better healthcare services.

The key to change is to understand how engaged citizens are employing new technologies today to take greater control and empowerment around their health and wellbeing, which we will explore in detail when we launch our report, People Powered Health – Engaging Citizens in the Future of Health and Technological Innovation at our upcoming Connected Health event taking place on 18 September at Simmons & Simons in London. Please join us by registering for the event here (if you are a journalist  please contact us at for a free ticket) .

In the meantime, please do listen to our blogcast where Barry Shrier, CEO of Health Tech Innovation Labs, Hiba Saleem, core member of Doctorpreneurs and MedTech Imperial group, and Tina Woods, Head of Lansons Health, explore what “connected health” means for all stakeholders in healthcare who want to create better health ahead.