The Last Ever Lansons Party…Except it isn’t

On October 9th, Lansons will hold its last ever legendary party…except it won’t quite be the last ever, Chief Executive and Co-Founder Tony Langham explains…


This is not the last ever Lansons Party. Not even close. But it is the last party where we’ll invite everyone we know to the same event on the same day.

October 9th 2019 will be a nostalgic night for Clare Parsons and me, the co-founders of Lansons back in 1989. After our first year in business, Clare suggested that we invited everyone we knew to drinks, to say thank you. The only problem being that there were only five of us, we knew lots of people and we didn’t have much money. The result was drinks spread over three nights in our St. John Street offices above the legendary Vic Naylor’s. Lansons’ Parties quickly became the stuff of legends. We crammed into Café du Marche until neither upstairs, downstairs and courtyard combined could hold us. We held our tenth anniversary party in a disused warehouse on St. John Street where Waitrose now lives, in conjunction with Christies Contemporary. On the top floor, Jean-Michael Basquiat paintings were on sale for less than £100k each.  We shifted eastwards for two years to the former hallowed ground of Nicholas Hawksmoor’s Christ Church in Spitalfields. But we soon came back to our spiritual home in Smithfield. For most of the last twenty years, the Lansons Party has been held over the top three floors of Smiths of Smithfield. We’ve had some wonderful nights there, but it’s time to move on. Although over 500 of us fill Smithfields each year, the Party is for everyone and no one at the same time.

These days Lansons works across most sectors of the economy. And for Governments too. We still excel in “PR”, and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with media and influencers, but our business has evolved. A much bigger part of our work is reputation management. We are change and transformation consultants. We are political consultants and lobbyists. And we produce film and content of all shapes and sizes. We are still in London, but now also New York. When we try to compile a list of “everyone we know” it runs to many thousands. When it comes to an annual party, one size no longer fits all.

So in future, there won’t be one Lansons Party but several. Our great clients, connections, friends and people are still at the heart of what we do and we will always want to say thank you.  From 2020 there will be more tailored events: with a financial services focus, a Westminster reception, a business reception and our two, now famous, receptions at Conservative and Labour Party conference. We will run events that discuss and debate change and transformation – and how to build brands and promote great companies.

In the meantime I hope that you join us on October 9th to raise a glass one last time. The Lansons Party will be dead. Long live the Lansons’ parties.

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Last Ever Lansons Party