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The Economist launches first ever Worldwide Brand Report with ABC

The Economist LogoLast week The Economist revealed its exclusive partnership with the Audited Bureau of Circulation (ABC) in the UK to produce the first Worldwide Brand Report. Currently The Economist is the only brand signed up to this new way of reporting which publishes the newspapers global digital statistics in addition to overall circulation figures.

The ABC has reviewed The Economist statistics from January – June 2016 to produce The Worldwide Brand Report (that can be found here) which has evolved from the CMR report and presents more digital, regional and global statistics in an easy and comprehensive format.  Aside from the usual insight into the newspapers circulation additional information that is available in the new report includes:

-Actively purchased magazines (print and online editions)

-Daily unique browsers

-Average distribution of the newsletter

-Social following on all platforms

It is likely that other newspapers and magazines will in time adopt the new worldwide reporting offering and the CMR will be a thing of the past. The extra statistics and insights allow brands to showcase their online strategies, global presence and ability to keep up with changing consumer demands.

The new transparency of information will be hugely beneficial for all professions that work with and try to sell to publications. Media buyers, PRs and marketers will be able to reference the new interactive report when deciding where to place budget, understanding where audiences are really accessing information and how best to present content. As with all ABC reporting the data has been independently verified to industry agreed standards, this will provide peace of mind during the decision making process.

A more thorough method of reporting from all publications would enable communication professionals to refine their editorial approach and allow brands to fully showcase their successes. The first Worldwide Brand Report shows that sales of The Economist have risen by 15% and their total UK circulation having increased by 3.7% in the last year. It seems that detailed, thought provoking content is still in demand; this is good news for us all.