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Teasing their way to the top

Despite iPad 2 rumours flying around the net since pretty much the launch of its inaugural device, Apple has once again managed to outdo its competitors by creating a massive stir online. Whilst most of the world’s leading technology manufacturers use CES or Mobile World Congress to announce their wired-wares to the world, Apple refrain. Personally I think it instils an unlikeable aloofness about them in the hope they position themselves apart from the rest. But I would say that as someone who refuses to buy their products. Do they care about me or other naysayers? No. Why would they when they have made the whole world wait with baited breath on the announcement of iPad 2 ready to lure in a new set of followers? What you have to admire is how they can generate vast volumes of coverage, that if printed would probably cover the world over, and spark discussion, without ever having to say a word. Rumours and leaks are a-plenty in tech PR, typically leaked from Silicon Valley or from a purported lacksadaisical factory worker from the Far East, keeping the mill ticking over as we have seen with Apple’s imminent launch. But yesterday we saw another example of how Apple teases its way to further domination – by sending out ‘alluring’ invites to the most influential people in the industry for an announcement on 2nd March. Results – vast volumes of coverage (over a thousand online articles within 20 minutes), trending topic on Twitter and of course excitement (well for some anyway). This is still without ever saying a word. Someone else who used a similar tactic to great effect recently was Radiohead. Announcing the release date of their much anticipated next album as Saturday 19th February, fans eagerly awaited. That was until Friday 18th February when the band pulled a stroke of pure genius by releasing the album a day early and putting the video to the first single from the album on YouTube. Result – nearly 5m views of the video on YouTube in a week, instantly making five of the top 10 trending topics on Twitter the same day and undoubtedly millions of record sales. Whether you like Apple and Radiohead or not, they know how to tease their way to the top and to keep themselves there. Combine even the smallest amount of content, social media and ‘buzz’ marketing and you have a recipe for creating excitement and success.