Suzanne Ellis

Board Director

Suzanne helps organisations manage change and influence behaviour change among employees, customers or stakeholders.

With more than 20 years’ consulting experience, her strategic and creative campaigns range from supporting major transformations such as M&As, organisational restructures and cultural shifts; to engagement of new strategies, leadership and employee advocacy.

Clients include global brands such as Givaudan, Starwood Hotel Group, Bentley, Faberge, AKKA Technologies, RBS and Thomson Reuters.

Whatever the organisational communications challenge, big or small; Suzanne is passionate about applying the latest psychological and sociological insights and tools to affect real change. These can range from popular change models such as ADKAR, Kubler-Ross’ change curve and Kotter’s theory to behaviourial science and Nudge theory.

Recently, Suzanne launched a new Neurocomms service that looks at the science behind our own biology to inform more effective campaigns; making sure messages get heard and acted upon, by the right people.

Neurocomms is on the back of a new book Suzanne published called – Why We Do What We Do – co-authored with Dr Helena Boschi, a psychologist who focuses on applied neuroscience in the workplace. Available on Amazon, her book has now captured the attention of Wiley Publishers and will be relaunched globally in winter 2019.

Recent awards include:

2019 SABRE EMEA – winner for ‘Best Brand Narrative’ campaign
2019 Content Marketing Awards – winner for ‘Best Use of Multichannel Social Media’
2017 SABRE EMEA – shortlisted for ‘Best Experiential Event’
2017 PRCA National Awards – shortlisted for ‘Best Employee Engagement’