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What does Jeremy Corbyn’s election mean for UK politics?

14 September 2015 BY Lansons
OverviewOn Saturday Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the new leader of the Labour Party.The veteran left-winger won with a huge 59.5% of the vote, an astounding first round victory. Andy Burnham was a distant second, polling 19%, whilst Yvette Cooper...
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A new leader is elected and old Labour is back

14 September 2015 BY Ralph Jackson
Jeremy Corbyn would hate it but he has achieved a delicious similarity with Tony Blair: he won a landslide victory to become party leader.Whereas Blair advanced the Labour party to unheard-of successes with three election victories, the new leader of...
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New Labour part 2

11 May 2015 BY Ralph Jackson
It’s back to school for the Labour party to revisit the three Rs: reinvent, rebuild, renew.The election defeat wasn’t just a recognition that the party’s policies are not appealing to the country but more a sense that the party as a whole is...
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