Articulate your strategy

How do you engage employees to deliver your strategic outcomes?
How do you articulate the strategic choices made?
How do you balance current and future effort?

We will work with you to:

  • Strategic narrative: leaders may set the direction and destination of the strategy, but it will be your employees that deliver it. So, a good strategic narrative must engage employees: why the business needs to go on a journey; what the direction and destination of that journey is; how it is going to get there; and the role they can play that they can relate to – . putting your people and your priorities at the heart of the story.
  • Strategic engagement plan: Coming up with a winning business strategy and supporting strategic narrative is hard enough; but implementing it is often tougher. That’s because execution is a people problem, not a strategy problem. We’ll work with you to create your engagement plan, so you can maximize the chances of the new strategy being embraced by your people. This includes a range of initiatives, from cascades, to hackathons to celebrating success.
  • Brand strategy engagement: When an organisation goes through a brand strategy ‘refresh’ or ‘relaunch’, one of the best ways to engage your people is to involve them. We’ll help you engage employees with your brand by sharing, socialising and practicing the brands personality in an authentic, relevant, personal and timely way. It’s about understanding the brand’s evolution and the benefits it will bring for the individual employee –and in doing so, create brand advocates.