Shaping Reputation Through COVID-19 and Beyond

We re-positioned Lansons as “managers of reputation”, as well as corporate communicators and public relations specialists, a few years ago – and in 2020 reputation has been on the agenda at the top table for every major business decision.

In sectors where revenue has collapsed, sometimes to zero, the task has been to lobby for help in the way most likely to receive public sympathy and achieve success. In organisations that are surviving comfortably, sometimes very profitably, the conversation has been different.

The best organisations have known how to proceed. They understand their purpose and their values and this guides decision making. It’s easier to answer the question : “what is the right thing to do?” if you know why you do what you do in the first place. But even then, decision making can be complex.

We’ve worked with organisations making reputation making – or breaking – decisions throughout COVID-19. Clients have included FTSE-100 companies, countries, leading Government backed institutions and major sports – as well as sector leaders and disruptors. We have worked with organisations through the four phases of the pandemic:

  • The initial “respond quickly and show empathy” phase
  • The current “demonstrate what you’re doing for customers, employees and society” phase
  • The looming “handle exhaustion and sensibly return to work” phase
  • Plan for the 2021 “what did you do in the war?” question.

Sometimes we have helped long-term clients through the decision making process at Board, Exec Com or CMO/CCO level. On other occasions we have been the external consultant brought in to evaluate plans from an independent, external perspective.

We’ve found that our 31 years in business, allied to our own sense of purpose and value, has left us uniquely placed to advise organisations making some of the biggest reputational decisions in their history.

If you’d like our help please contact

Tony Langham Chief Executive and Co-Founder

Tony Langham has over 35 years’ experience advising Governments, organisations and companies on their image and reputation for successful reputation management.

Tony literally wrote the book on reputation management, commissioned by the UK’s PRCA (Public Relations & Communications Association) and the global ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation). Reputation Management : The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations. 

Tony co-founded Lansons in 1989 and has an active non-executive career, named by Debrett’s as one of the 500 most influential people in the UK.