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Scott McKenzie’s views on internal communication trends for 2016

The Institute of Internal Communication has published its latest e-book which compiles expert views on internal communication trends for 2016. Read Scott McKenzie’s contribution in which he discusses Britain at Work and lists the four areas practitioners should focus on in order to address British workplace issues. 

In 2015 Lansons conducted its Britain at Work study, which paints a picture of a hardworking UK workforce which is also suffering from fatigue and apathy (one in four employees say they feel apathy towards their workplace). We get on well with colleagues and like our working environment. Interestingly, we feel our jobs are secure and think we’re fairly paid, while in contrast we think our CEO is overpaid – that is when we actually know who the CEO is – 23% of long-term employees do not!
We need to build more pride in the workplace. More than half (51%) of us would not recommend our employer which is a deep concern, as a similar number would also be reluctant to recommend the sector we work in.
The study also showed that many UK workers are regularly working beyond their contracted hours, sacrificing social and family arrangements. We give up nearly a whole working day every week beyond our contracted hours. This does not seem sustainable and presents a clear and present danger to the UK’s economic recovery.