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  1. Reputation Management

Shaping Reputations

We believe Reputation Management is the future of corporate communications and public relations.

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Organisations with the best reputations outperform rivals in a myriad of tangible ways.

From recruiting higher quality staff, to succeeding with smaller marketing budgets, to exerting greater influence over Governments. In the long term, reputation can only be based on reality.

Our belief that reputation is not just what you say but how you do what you do, has been at the heart of our advice for three decades. We believe in the power of reputation to bring about positive change, because organisations with good reputations perform better; attracting the best talent, higher investment, deeper loyalty and louder support.

Our expertise in complex operating environments means we can help clients find solutions whatever the challenge. It also means we bring a rigour to our thinking, to our ideas and delivery.

We work in genuine partnership with clients, bringing together teams that combine the right experience and skills to ensure organisations can build and protect their reputations in a rapidly changing world.

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The only way to be seen as a great company is to be a great company.

The only way to be trusted, is to be trustworthy. But for organisations with something to prove, an active approach to reputation management is essential.

Reputation is about trustworthiness, but it’s also about making sure your organisation is known for good work it does. It’s behind the unconscious impulse to choose one brand over another. Consumers pay a premium to organisations with good reputations. They’re also more likely to recommend them.

When great organisations fail, reputational issues are often the reason. Conversely, effective reputation management gives flawed companies room to evolve and improve.

Reputation management is the conscious, holistic, integrated, planned, thought-through, dynamic, agile and continuous process of managing reputation.

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