Repositioning after COVID-19

OK, we’re in a ‘new normal’. But what will be the ‘next normal’? The one after lock down, when ‘real life’ starts again. It won’t be as we knew it before.

This experience will reshape our collective understanding of what we want and need, what matters and what good looks like.

Organisations too have been changed by this crisis. Having refocused their priorities to contribute to the ‘national effort’, can they now just plan to go back to who and what they were before all this? No.

Brands need to start defining now, the reputation they want to have in the long-term. To shape (then claim) the role they want in society and the relationships they want to have with customers, employees and partners.

That means evaluating their purpose to ensure it is fit for purpose. And to redefine their narrative and values to match their vision for the future.