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Lansons takes home ‘Bronze’ in PRWeek’s Best Place to Work

Lansons are proud and thrilled to announce that once more, we took home a Best Places to Work award from PRWeek. We were awarded Bronze for the Large Agency category in 2018.

The judges also introduced three new categories this year, Rewards, Culture and Organisational Health and Lansons were delighted to be awarded the Reward Award, becoming the first agency to do so.

“Competition for PR talent is as fierce as ever, so creating a culture that will attract-and crucially, retain- the best employees has become a vital element of running a successful agency.” -PRWeek

<img src="best-places-to-work.png" alt="Lansons winning PRWeek Award Best Places to Work">


PRWeek’s three focuses in 2018 for Best Places to Work 

  1. PRWeek collected and investigated insights into three of the main aspects that create a good working environment, these included; Culture, Reward and Organisational Health. They defined ‘culture’ as ‘as how well an agency supports its staff, leaders and clients, and how it responds to feedback about them’. This can also include how an agency views its culture from an internal perspective.
  2. ‘Reward’ is focused on benefits, other than financial, that a company offers its employees, and that fall into the category of well-being.
  3. In the section on ‘organisational health’, PRWeek focused on methods around how agencies address diversity and inclusion in the workplace, how they treat their staff and development programmes. 

Each agency has their own take on the three aspects above, which will of course surround their business objectives, location, agency specialisms and ownership and company structure.

For Lansons, the journey to this point has involved a written entry, covering all the elements that combine to create a great workplace (from development and training and reward to culture and reputation), some bench marking questions (which is a new element of the process this year) and a telephone interview with one of the judges to make the shortlist. Then in March, our team were grilled by a panel of judges at the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall for the final stage in the large agency category. Congratulations to everyone who made this happen. We are aiming for Gold next year!