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Working with our PROI partners; Why our PROI partnership is more important than ever

In this ever-changing, fast-paced world, we need to work harder than ever us to stay ahead in our industry. The latest AI revolution has changed how businesses operate and how we view the world, as well as blurred what we truly own, versus how much we share with those around us.

This has a massive impact on our industry; with our global view shifting, and trust in big business failing, what will reputation management look like in 5 years time?

This is a time when you cannot just look inwards to make ; we have to all actively learn from the world around us to succeed. This is where our invaluable PROI partnership comes in; who better to learn from that those within our industry who see the world in a different way.

Our PROI partnership offers ‘on the ground’ support through specialist agencies that we know and trust. We have worked together throughout the years to provide consultancy to global briefs, run internal change programmes across continents and even host work experience for partner colleagues to get a feel for how other agencies operate. It is a strong and collaborative partnership, and in a time of technological revolution it is a partnership that is needed now more than ever.

So when I recently attended the PROI EMEA meeting in Bucharest, to present a 2-hour workshop on the technology that is changing our industry, I wanted to encourage this collaboration even more. Rather than just present on Lansons’ own opinion on the subject, I appealed to the wider PROI community to share their knowledge. I was blown away by the response; I received requests to present, videos to play on the day, offers to facilitate brainstorms.

What could have been a one agency view on the latest technological revolution became a rich debate with a global outlook on the future of PR. We saw first-hand the Chinese view on personalisation of content where Twitter is banned, Poland’s approach to the latest ‘Hammock Office’ and how our South African partner uses Augmented Reality to transform traditional direct marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, we then facilitated a global debate on the subject, providing us all with reassurance that we are approaching the future united, with an international support network to steady the ship in uncertain technological times.

I left the PROI meeting inspired by the speakers and the willingness of our partners to get stuck in to the debate. I returned to Lansons brimming with new ideas to share with my own colleagues, eager to work with our PROI partners more in the future. When change causes us all to look inward, the best thing you can do is look further afield for the right inspiration.

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