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Pro-bono PR is music to the ears of talented youngsters

The long-awaited gala concert of St. Paul’s Co-Educational College Primary School, one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious music schools, was held on 15 July at London’s prime concert venue St. John’s Smith Square.  This final concert rounded off the St. Paul’s students’ 10 day UK tour and saw over 60 performers between the ages of 6-12 enlighten the audience with their voices and instruments.

Four months ago Lansons’ Hong Kong PROI partner agency Strategic Public Relations Group recommended Lansons to the school to help promote their performance in London on a pro bono basis, with the aim to increase visitor numbers on the evening – an ambitious goal to fill a hall that accommodates 580 guests.

To target the most relevant audiences of these talented budding artists and proposed future business leaders, we focused our efforts on inviting students in London from similarly high-calibre schools and institutions, as well as Chinese and Hong Kong trade organisations whilst also encouraging them to extend the concert invitation to their networks. The fantastic support and buy-in we received from these schools and organisations resulted in numerous mentions in member newsletters, direct invitations for key contacts and ultimately, in an engaged audience with strong interests in China and Hong Kong.

In addition, the Lansons team went beyond our core media expertise to approach music publications, event listings and those aimed at Chinese and Hong Kong communities in London. As a result, Nee Hao, a major UK-based Asian publication, published a series of articles in the lead up to the concert.

These efforts resulted in a fantastic concert on Wednesday evening where the children performed musical masterpieces from around the world in a filled venue, with standing ovations at the end and a truly happy client.

Some photos of the performers are below.

Orchestra 2

Choir 2






Choir 1