Episode 9: Working Life After COVID-19, insight for employers

The COVID-19 crisis has undoubtedly changed our working lives across the globe, and there’s many things about the day job that will change forever. So while there’s a plan to get Britain working again, it won’t quite be ‘business as usual’ for some time yet.

In this episode, we explore the key findings from our latest insight report in collaboration with Opinium Research, Working Life After COVID-19.

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Podcast Highlights:

– Sharing our own working life experiences
– The values that have changed in importance for UK workers
– Our new expectation of employers and what we want most from them
– Surprising improvements in connectivity and collaboration
– What employers must consider when communicating job loses
– Next steps and priorities now critical for businesses to survive and thrive


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Report: Life After COVID-19

To better understand how changes of the coronavirus crisis will impact business leaders across the UK in the long term, we partnered with research house Opinium for a series of Life After COVID-19 insight reports – the first to be published is Working Life after COVID-19.

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Podcast speakers

Suzanne Ellis

Head of Communications for Change and Transformation at Lansons

Co-author of the report Working Life After COVID-19, Suzanne helps organisations communicate during change, to influence and support desired behaviours among employees, customers or stakeholders.

Wez Eathorne

Research Director at Opinium

Wez has over 20 years’ experience specialising in brand and communications research and co-authored the Life After COVID-19 report chapter: Working Life.

Matt Bolton-Alarcon

Founder of Special Sauce

Matt and his business, Special Sauce, develops and trains people globally around the skills required for creative thinking at work. Matt has worked with organizations from Google to Ella’s Kitchen and QuickBooks to L’Oreal and is fascinated with how people’s working rhythms are evolving.