Episode 8: Managing reputations in Europe while coping with COVID-19

Ralph Jackson, Director at Lansons, talks with PROI and GCP agencies from around Europe on how they are managing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Guests are Sebastian Riedel of Klenk & Hoursch, in Germany, Talia Godino with Twister, in Italy and Ana Margarida Ximenes of Atrevia, with offices in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

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How we can help you with reputation management

When great organisations fail in times of crises, response and media engagement are often the reasons. Conversely, effective reputation management gives companies the best opportunity to respond, review and recover effectively.

Lansons is best placed to help you manage your reputation and in turn, outperform your rivals.

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Podcast speakers


Klenk & Hoursch

Sebastian Riedel is Senior Consultant at Klenk & Hoursch. Relationships lie at the heart of his work – journalists, bloggers, influencers, fans, clients. Through the strategic management of topic hooks, he uses the right tone and handpicked channels to bring clients’ subjects into the limelight. As an experienced crisis expert he knows about the opportunities and risks that come with building relationships – both online and offline.

Talia Godino

Twister Communications Group

Talia is a Senior Communication Manager, in charge of media relations management for investment banks, asset managers, multinational management consulting groups, embracing also the world of insurance and online trading. Previously a journalist for Class Editori Group, Talia collaborated with MF Dow Jones newswire and ran a television show for Class CNBC Italia. Talia has also worked in radio with broadcasters in Italy and France, both as a speaker and author.

Ana Margarida Ximenes


President of ATREVIA in Portugal, Ana Co-founded ATREVIA in 1999. With more than 20 years of experience, she assists clients in all the areas of communication working with major category leaders. Ana is IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) EMENA Vice-Chair.

In 2009, was elected one of the Most Motivating Persons in Portugal by Business School ISCTE. She was EMEA Co-Chair in PROI Worldwide for 6 years (2009 – 2015).

Ralph Jackson


Ralph is a Director and Partner at Lansons.  He has over 30 years consulting experience covering reputation management, corporate communications, and public policy advice in many business areas. His experience spans advice to Boards and senior teams in a variety of sectors including financial services, energy, pharmaceutical, chemicals, manufacturing, and retail.  In financial services alone he has advised clients in asset management, pensions, retail and commercial banking, private banking, and insurance.