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A leader's influence on company reputation #5

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Tony Langham is joined by Markus Leutert of AKKA Technologies and Lansons' Naomi Goodman as they discuss the connection between a company's leaders, culture and reputation. In a world where there is increasingly more pressure on business's to act authentically, are we asking too much of our business leaders, and how does this impact reputation?

Podcast Highlights:

  • Impact of a CEO's reputation on company reputation
  • The expectations and traps of leadership today
  • Should leaders voice opinions on societal issues?
  • A framework for measuring trust in leaders
  • Examples of leaders tackling diversity in STEM careers

Produced and engineered remotely by Lansons.

Find out more about how we're helping leaders communicate with impact and influence, at all levels of the organisation during change and transformation.

Podcast Ep5 Leaders influence on company reputation Lansons

Podcasts Speakers

Markus Leutert Headshot 414x475

Markus Leutert

Global Head of Communications for AKKA Technologies

Markus is the Group Head of Communications at AKKA Technologies, based in Brussels. He’s successfully spent his career building reputations from the inside out through effective communications, brand and marketing programmes for global organisations including Walgreens Boots Alliance and Thales, a leader in aerospace, transport and defense security.

Naomi Goodman 414x475

Naomi Goodman

Board Director at Lansons

Naomi is a specialist in change and transformation communications, enhancing internal comms to effectively contribute to business performance. She's a certified change management practitioner and has led large-scale change and internal communications programs across both public and private sectors, having work Bacardi, Deutsche Bank, Highways England, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Novartis and Roche to name a few.

Tony langham 5506

Tony Langham

Executive Chair and Co-Founder

Tony co-founded Lansons in 1989 and has advised Governments, organisations and companies on their image and reputation for over 35 years. He is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading reputation management and public relations advisers and has been named by Debrett’s as one of the 500 most influential people in the UK. His first book Reputation Management : The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations was published by Emerald Publishing in December 2018. Outside Lansons he has an active non-executive career in horseracing, fintech and market research.