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Reputation, a tangible asset? #2

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In this episode we delve into the stats behind reputation management and the tangible effects on a company’s bottom line, their powers to influence and their staff, of both good and bad reputations.

Meet your host:

Tony Langham is Lansons Chief Executive and Co-Founder with over 30 years front line experience building and protecting the reputations of companies, organisations and Governments.

This podcast series coincides with the launch of Tony's book, ‘Reputation Management: The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations’. Commissioned by the PRCA and ICCO, the book is out now and available to order from Amazon:

    Produced and engineered remotely by Lansons.

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    Podcasts Speakers


    Josh Glendinning

    Associate Director, Opinium

    Josh is an expert in developing and applying insights to new business and communications challenges, he also has research experience across strategic insight development, corporate positioning, thought leadership, and stakeholder engagement.


    Michael Stott

    Board Director at Lansons

    Michael is a board director and the Head of Public Affairs at Lansons, looking after a range of clients covering sectors including financial services, transport, healthcare, energy, and industrials. He has 13 years’ experience of politics and public affairs with an extensive history of advising major clients in the UK, Europe and USA.

    Tony langham 5506

    Tony Langham

    Executive Chair and Co-Founder

    Tony co-founded Lansons in 1989 and has advised Governments, organisations and companies on their image and reputation for over 35 years. He is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading reputation management and public relations advisers and has been named by Debrett’s as one of the 500 most influential people in the UK. His first book Reputation Management : The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations was published by Emerald Publishing in December 2018. Outside Lansons he has an active non-executive career in horseracing, fintech and market research.