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What is reputation management? #1

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Join Tony Langham, interviewed by Jon Cronin, as they explore what Reputation Management is, the forces shaping it and the future for companies as they embrace it.

Tony Langham is an adviser, entrepreneur and chairman with over 30 years front line experience building and protecting the reputations of companies, organisations and Governments.

This podcast series coincides with the launch of Tony's book, ‘Reputation Management: The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations’. Commissioned by the PRCA and ICCO, the book is out now and available to order from Amazon:

    Produced and engineered remotely by Lansons' Callum Swingler.

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    Podcasts Speakers

    Tony Langham

    Tony Langham

    Chief Executive and Co-Founder

    Tony co-founded Lansons in 1989 and has advised Governments, organisations and companies on their image and reputation for over 30 years.

    Jon Cronin 414x475

    Jon Cronin

    Board Director and Head of Broadcast and Content

    An experienced film-maker and broadcast specialist, Jon is a former senior BBC business journalist with over 10 years’ experience in TV, radio and online news.