Episode 2: Reputation, a tangible asset?

In this episode we delve into the stats behind reputation management and the tangible effects on a company’s bottom line, their powers to influence and their staff, of both good and bad reputations.


Fuelled with exclusive research from Opinium, a strategic insights agency, we’re joined by Tony Langham, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Lansons and Josh Glendinning, Senior Research Manager at Opinium Research.

Tony’s new book Reputation Management: The Future of Corporate Communications and Public Relations is out on 10 December this year is available to order here: https://amzn.to/2zjFQJa

Produced by Steven Arnoldi, Jessica Keating and engineered by Callum Swingler at the Lansons studio.

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How we can help you with reputation management

When great organisations fail, reputational issues are often the reason. Conversely, effective reputation management gives flawed companies room to evolve and improve.

Lansons is best placed to help you manage your reputation and in turn, outperform your rivals.

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