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Post-Budget Reflections

The Lansons Public Affairs team analyse the impact of and outcomes from the government's Autumn Budget and Spending Review.

Is the Chancellor less Rishi Osborne and more Gordon Sunak? This budget saw more spending than any other Chancellor since 2010, returning spending levels to the point when Conservatives took over from Labour.

By 2026, taxes are scheduled to be at the highest levels since the Attlee Government. Are these the right circumstances in which to persuade businesses to invest? And if the Chancellor misses his target, does it really matter?

Podcast Highlights:

  • Unlocking the global competitiveness of the financial services industry
  • Bank Corporate Tax Surcharges and Green Saving Bonds
  • Rising problem of debt and cost of living crisis
  • Pensions Scheme Bill and Pensions Tax Relief Administration
  • Major changes to Taxation system incl. green technology and business rates
  • Sustainable aviation fuel, EV's charging infrastructure and active travel policies
  • Lack of detail for integrated rail plan, and very little on housing

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