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Neck and Neck

James Dowling and Senior Research Manager at Opinium, James Crouch, explore the company’s weekend poll which shows Labour and the Conservative Party neck and neck. We also explore attitudes towards lockdown – How are the UK population weighing up the balance between the economy and health? Do the measures announced go far enough? What does all this mean for the winter?

Podcast Highlights:

  • What difference does Labour’s new leader make?
  • Did conference season change anything?
  • Can public trust be regained?
  • Did yesterday’s measure go far enough?
  • How do people feel the crisis will impact the economy?
  • How much does someone’s personal financial situation impact on their views toward the lockdown?

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Podcasts Speakers

James dowling 7739

James Dowling

Board Director and Lead Political Consultant

James oversees Lansons’ public affairs and public policy practice. A former Conservative Special Adviser and Treasury official, James has worked with senior ministers across Government including the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord Chancellor.

James Crouch BW 500x500 acf cropped

James Crouch

Senior Research Manager, Opinium Research

Part of the lead Political Team at Opinium Research