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Net Zero in ESG Corporate Commitments #11

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Sustainability and climate change has continued to dominate on the global stage - despite a global pandemic.

Public opinion has accelerated, and organisations everywhere are being scrutinised for their actions and contribution to the global effort.

Ensuring your organisation has a green-focused recovery is now business-critical and a major cornerstone of your reputation, inside and out. So what are the possible pathways for organisations now taking corporate action and commitment to climate change?

In this episode, we discuss with Jonathan Shopley, Managing Director of External Affairs at Natural Capital Partners why and how Net Zero is playing a crucial role globally in corporate action and commitments on climate change.

Podcast highlights:
  • How does Natural Capital Partners support organisations with climate action?
  • From a corporate perspective, how has sustainability evolved?
  • What do we mean by net zero?
  • How does net zero fit into an organisation’s ESG programme?
  • What are the risks to corporate reputation when building an ESG programme?
  • How can organisations avoid green-washing?
  • What are Scope 3 emissions and why are they important for the financial and investment sector to consider?
  • What will be the key outcomes from COP26 this year?


Produced and engineered remotely by Lansons.

Lansons has been carbon neutral since 2009, partnering with Natural Capital Partners to support carbon reducing sustainability projects across the world.

Find out more about how we're helping organisations define their purpose and develop their own ESG narratives.

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Podcasts Speakers

Jonathan Shopley Natural Capital Partners 1200px

Jonathan Shopley

Managing Director of External Affairs at Natural Capital Partners

Jonathan is a veteran of the annual global climate change negotiations working with governments, NGOs and cross-sector corporations to accelerate the pace and quality of corporate action on climate change. In 2001 he joined Natural Capital Partners (then known as Future Forests) as CEO and has since been instrumental to the company’s evolution from innovative start-up to a world leading climate change service provider to over 300 international corporations.

Sarah Oppler 414x475

Sarah Oppler

Associate Director at Lansons

Sarah has over 20 years’ experience leading corporate communications for FTSE 100 clients, having previously worked for J.P. Morgan and Brunswick prior to joining Lansons. Sarah’s consultancy spans financial communications, corporate reputation, employee engagement and strategic media relations, advising senior executives and stakeholders on a depth and range of communications strategies.