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Planning for sun in the depths of winter…

Is anything more difficult than marketing planning for 2010? It’s dark, flooded and cold and it looks as if we’re staring the lowest point of the recession squarely in the face. Dubai is possibly the first of many countries to default on its debt – and Borders is a harbinger of more winter retail bankruptcies and gaps on the High Street to come. Confidence determines so much in our world, and it’s tempting to lack a bit of confidence as we look at 2010. Perhaps we should look at things a different way? The longest and brightest day of the year is 21st June and by then Britain will be tired of the recession and austerity and ready to move on. We’ll have a shiny new Prime Minister, probably still in his honeymoon period. Wimbledon and “murraymania” start that afternoon. The nation will already be obsessed with the World Cup that kicks off on June 11th and this time fixes our gaze on Africa. Close your eyes and imagine us in the middle of a national party in the sunshine, feeling pretty good and dare I say it, confident? This year it’s been very fashionable to go all Churchillian and the 18th June 2010 is the 70th anniversary of his greatest speech, ‘Their finest hour’. On the darkest day of the war he looked towards a time when the world would move forward to the broad sunlit uplands. In our marketing planning meetings, in the dark days of December and January, perhaps we should do the same. To help get those marketing planning meetings going, the article “2010, a brainstormer’s guide” which features in our latest newsletter takes a look at some of the themes that may shape the year. In the meantime have a good Christmas.