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8.30am – 5.00pm


Tuesday 22 May 2018



(price includes latest book, 
Why We Do What We Do, food, drink and refreshments throughout the day


A Neurocomms Masterclass

Dr Helena Boschi, a psychologist specialising in applied neuroscience and author of our book, Why We Do What We Do, says that most change communications efforts in organisations are not always successful because they do not take in to account the way the brain works.

“We naturally resist change because it represents uncertainty – and uncertainty is threatening and painful for a brain that wants to keep us safe and alive. Although many of todayʼs threats are no longer life-or death situations, our brain still protects us as if they were just that.”

Lansons, together with Dr Helena Boschi, is offering a one-day masterclass in applying the neuroscience of communications and behaviour to change programmes.

The day will start with an explanation of why traditional approaches to change and communications do not work and why we need to understand neuroscience in order to influence and change behaviour. We will then apply these insights to real-life scenarios that are relevant to many of your change and communications programmes.

Come and experience a dynamic, interactive and experiential workshop.

You will receive:

  • Practical tools and techniques
  • Experience in how to apply neuroscience in change programme scenarios
  • Insight into how to identify and reverse symptoms of resistance to change
  • New approaches to get the best out of your change programmes

Places are limited. For further information or to register please RSVP to

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