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Spend Well, Save More

Post Office is one of the best known and most trusted British institutions, principally known for its Retail and Mails services. However, it also offers a range of financial services products, including a legacy of savings accounts going back over 150 years. Post Office wanted to raise awareness of these products while also providing credible and relevant advice-led content that was relatable and authentic for its audiences through a campaign.

Lansons, a trusted partner of Post Office Money for the last 13 years, worked with them and other partner agencies to devise the award-winning ‘Spend Well, Save More’ campaign in response. Through qualitative and quantitative research, a target audience of 13.1m aspiring and wannabe savers was identified.

It was concluded that the best way to engage them was with a robust programme of digital media built from a deep understanding of platform, format and audience consumption. The integrated campaign looked to evolve the narrative around savings in the UK; focusing on focus on people’s relationship to spending consciously as a mechanism for eventual saving, rather than simply going without.

To do this, a team of influencers was assembled to act as campaign ambassadors/subject matter experts; each would give advice on how to save money in a different area of life (e.g. groceries, travel). They were dubbed the Post Office ‘Save More Squad’. A range of digital assets were develop using the Squad (Videos, Gifs, hosted engagement tools, How-To videos, stat based graphics etc) and implemented across multiple owned and social channels, all designed to appeal and drive the desired outcome of the campaign (engagement / click to site) with retargeting throughout to increase frequency and drive ongoing engagement deepening brand association.

This was complimented by in-depth research into the UK’s savings opportunity that was shared with key media targets as part of the campaign launch. As a result, the campaign significantly increased awareness of Post Office’s savings offering (12% increase over three months) without any other marketing activity.

This campaign won at the Corporate & Financial Awards and was shortlisted for a number of high-profile awards such as The Drum PR Awards.
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