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First-time buyers (FTBs) are the lifeblood of the UK’s housing market and are a key audience for L&C Mortgages. However, with many issues still facing those trying to get on the ladder, L&C was keen to reassure FTBs that owning a property is still within reach. We conducted a national L&C First Time Buyer Insights brand campaign to explore the landscape FTBs are currently navigating, to investigate whether recent stamp duty changes will actually have a positive impact, and position L&C as the champion for safeguarding FTBs interests.

As a result, we leveraged the Government’s stamp duty changes to create a campaign – with interactive tools and shareable content – that would give FTBs hope that buying a home can still be a reality. This campaign focused on educational content to guide FTBs through the home buying process as well as socio-economic trends and would get impactful cut through in target B2B and B2C media; mortgage/property trades and in national consumer pages.

Our campaign generated over 100 pieces of coverage; with 25% in core national media that included backlinks to the L&C calculator.

This subsequently increased FTB applications by 19.3% to over 10,500, during the campaign period, as well as a 17.4% increase in traffic to the website FTB calculator pages.

"The FTB campaigns have been a valuable addition to our marketing programme. Not only have they resulted in significant media profile for L&C in a key market segment, but we’ve also seen double digit growth in the volume of mortgage applications received from FTBs during the promotional period." – Jane Harrison, Marketing Director, L&C
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