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Givaudan Conference

Developing an experiential event to launch the company's redefined purpose to its 300 leaders

Givaudan, the world leader in Flavours and Fragrances, gathered its top 300 leaders for a 3-day conference to prepare for the future.

The timing was crucial; Givaudan was about to reveal a new Purpose strengthening it as a force for good; and the company was also at a crossroads with just one year left to complete its 2020 strategic commitments and less than a year away from announcing its next 5-year 2025 ambitions and strategy. Lansons was appointed as its global strategic and creative content partner responsible for developing the agenda experience, including all written and visual content.

With 300 top leaders, every minute mattered. Gathering insights from ExCo and delegates informed agenda choices and decisions made.

“Imagine” formed our strategic narrative, reflecting Givaudan’s ambitions, desires and destination. It served to [1] invite delegates to contribute to future solutions to 2025 and beyond; and [2] connect with Givaudan’s new Purpose which includes the word ‘imagine’

We used creative and innovative formats for purposeful and productive experiences. One example was Day 3, dedicated to a ‘hackathon-style’ activity to identify solutions to key 2025 challenges. It was the first time that 300 people participated in the same activity at the same time in small teams; and the first time that digital software was used for large-scale collaboration and contribution to ideation in real time.

Immediately following the MC19; two key actions took place:

– With positive support for the Purpose, the project team could get ready for its public launch just 2 weeks later.

– All content from 2025 workshops was collated for final strategic development, with the top sponsored for further development.

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